Little Robot Friends
Arduino Library Reference  version 1.1

The code that makes your Little Robot Friend sense, chirp and blink is packaged as an Arduino-compatible code library. Inside the library is a variety of files that each serve a unique function. For example, LRFSensors.cpp and LRFSensors.h contain all the code required to read and interpret the touch, light and sound sensors.

In general, these library files shouldn’t require any editing, instead we have created a simple way (Application Programming Interface, or API for short) to allow for basic changes to your Little Robot Friend without having to touch the library. Over the next few months we plan to expand this API to expose more functionality from the library, but for now we’ve boiled it down to a few simple functions.

For those of you who are avid programmers, or are just curious tinkerers - feel free to mess around with the library code. We’re still in the process of documenting everything, so you’ll have to make due with the sparse comments sprinkled throughout. Our focus is on making the code more accessible to novice programmers by expanding the API, so if you happen to break something it might take a while for us to help you out.

For a good intro to your Little Robot Friend check out our YouTube Channel or particular our "How To Play" video.

If you’re completely new to programming, check out the learning and reference sections over at

Check out our programming Tutorials to walk through the API step by step.

If you have questions, check out our Troubleshooting Page and our Google Groups for both beginner and advanced programmers.